Mind Medley

Mind Medley

Mind Medley is a collection of mini puzzle games

Mind Medley is a collection of mini puzzle games.
The game includes some brain challenges with names like Memory Match, Shadow Shapes, Perfect Pairs, Which Is More, Find New Image, Copy Cat, Color Match and more.

The indicated link will download an installer, that will retrieve the rest of the game from Internet.

Mind Medley tracks your progress and rewards you with Lumens. As you gain Lumens, you will be able to unlock more games.

The game can be played in two diferente modes: Lumens Challenge and Practice Area.

Playing in the Lumens Challenge mode you will play six mini games randomly, earning Lumens that will unlock new mini games in the Practice Mode.

In the Practice Mode you can play the unlocked mini games, earning lumens.

In every game, you will have to solve very simple problems. The speed is important, the quicker you are, the higher the reward.

The Options lets you configure the sound and display.

The game will display health advice at the bottom of the screen.

The whole game has spoken messages and nice music, with interesting sound effects.

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